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This is what people are saying about Uber Slim:

  • "At 51 years old I had gained over 20lb and jumped 2 dress sizes. I wasn't happy but thought it was “middle-age spread “and unavoidable. Julie's course was like a light bulb switching on in my head. I realised the foods I thought were good for me actually were making me fatter, it was so clear. After only 3 weeks I felt a huge difference and people were commenting on my shape. I have dropped a dress size and after giving in to the scales I have lost over a stone." Gwen Sheeny
  • "Before I took Julie's course I thought I had a pretty good idea of what makes up a healthy diet. What I learned astonished me - I had no idea I was making so many mistakes! The course opened my eyes to what is in food, and how what we perceive as a healthy diet is actually making us fatter and sicker. "Steph Cooke
  • "This course reminded me of a quote 'healing the body without sorting out the mind will be an impossible task. The body can only be what the mind allows.' Diets, diet shakes, and calorie counting fail because they don't address the mind-set to be slim. Your course takes this on at the beginning." Leonard Kelly

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